The Downstrokes are a 2024 Maryland Music Awards nominee for Best Punk Band

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The Downstrokes revisit the real ingredients that made '77-81 punk immortal beyond pat hard & fast playing. They reintroduce backbeat (ah!), developed riffing, leads, and melodies, lyrics that avoid sloganeering, and influences older/deeper than other punk records.” - Jack Rabid

— Big Takeover Magazine 89, (Best of 2021)

"I Would've" may take up only 2:53 of your existence, but following up last year's blistering already, 1981-Zero Boys-esque Unsafe at Any Speed, Frostburg MD's The Downstrokes sure raise some holy hit-and-run punk hell on this "regrets, I've had a few" relationship post-mortem one-off.” - Jack Rabid

— Big Takeover Magazine 91 (Best of 2022)

These boys can whip it up, and they are masters of the three minute song. Quirky rhymes and word use is always a favourite too and it's all over this, but no where better than “Sweet And Sour”. I’ll say no more other than youthful indiscretions should all be made into songs this good.” - Andy Thorley

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